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Our Story

Our Story

think BIG

Noo-HYPE was created in 2020 because we were tired of seeing under-dosed, high-stim focused products on the market that were not created for YOU in mind. Our brand was put together to focus on the needs of the every man and every woman. Life is already fast-paced and tough enough to navigate, you shouldn’t have to worry that the brand you support, is not supporting you.



All Noo-HYPE ingredients are created with one thing in mind = Lifestyle Optimization. Life longevity is great, but if you live to be 100, what good is it if you spend the years 60 through 100 in bad health or even incapacitated? We want to help you focus on the now and prepare for the later. Our products are formulated to assist in your goal of VIBRANT health, and helping you achieve your goal of optimizing your life and body.



Nootropics are a class of substances that can boost and optimize brain performance. Today’s world can be highly stressful and affect your mood, thinking, and attention in negative ways. All of our products contain ingredients that help with enhancing cognition, increasing attention, and affecting your mood in a positive way.



We take our own products! So therefore, we want the highest quality ingredients and products. All Noo-HYPE products go through a thorough approval process before they wind up in your hands. All of our products are thrid party tested for efficacy and safety. Also, all ingredients are tested for label claim. We want to be sure you are getting what is on the label.


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